Massage: For Help With Muscle Pain Relief

Do you suffer with back pain, muscle injury or stress? Chart Clinic provides professional sports and remedial massage therapy, delivered by our expert soft tissue therapists. It is important to us that you not only feel better, but you understand your body so you stay feeling better.

Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy

It’s not just for the Sporty…

Whether you work in an office, sat a desk all day, a keen gardener, manual worker or training for a marathon, a massage at Chart Clinic will help you to be at your best both physically and mentally.

Massage - it is the intention of treatment that is important

Remedial massage


A massage treatment intended to provide relief of sore, tight and tense muscles… if required we offer advice, remedial exercise and support to put you back in control of your body.

Remedial massage is intended as a remedy or cure. It seeks to correct muscle dysfunction and eliminate pain regardless of how it was caused.

The most common cause of muscular problems these days is working at a desk or computer. Sport is a well-known factor in many soft tissue injuries as are other physical activities such as gardening, long distance driving or manual labour of any kind.

Most soft tissue damage is caused by regular overuse or sudden trauma.

Our Soft Tissue Therapists will assess your movement and posture in relation to your pain, treat the damaged tissues and help you back to a pain free active life!

Who can it help?…

Muscular problems are not age specific and Remedial Massage can help the whole family. We regularly see children with neck or back tension from carrying overly heavy bags to school or having spent too much time studying at the computer.

Sports Massage


A remedial massage for sports people…our soft tissue therapists will understand the functional movement required for your sport and treat you safely and effectively…

Sports Massage at Chart Clinic is better described as Remedial Massage for Sports people (see Remedial Massage) Regrettably due to the lack of regulation in the massage industry most “Sports Massage” is frequently performed by massage therapists who are not insured or trained to treat dysfunctional tissues or people in pain.  In line with Chart Clinic’s mission to provide the very highest level of service our massage is provided by our Soft Tissue Therapists who have the highest level of remedial qualifications, insurance and experience available, so they will understand the functional movement required for your sport and treat you safely and effectively.

At Chart Clinic our massage is provided by our highly trained and experienced Remedial Soft Tissue Therapists qualified in Sport and Remedial Massage BTEC Level 5.  Their scope of work goes beyond hands-on techniques and they will give you additional advice, remedial exercise and support as needed to put you back in control of your body.

Massage FAQs

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Our patients consult us for massage for various different reasons, these various types of massage treatment are outlined as follows:

Remedial Massage


The patient is not suffering with any injuries. The massage treatment aims to look for potential problems, restrictions, tightness or possible weaknesses. A deep massage given.


The patient has a specific complaint or an injury (e.g. Back or Neck pain or tension), treatment helps to resolve a problem, and a deep massage is given to a specific area and the areas that have caused the problem.

Sports Massage


Designed to invigorate patient before a sporting event or training session. A fast and light massage is given.


Treatment helps to remove waste products and aid recovery after a sporting event or training session. A deep, slow massage and stretching is performed.

No, absolutely not! You do not have to be in the least bit sporty to benefit from this type of massage.

If you are not into sports but maybe work in an office or desk job, sitting in the same spot for long or stressful days, or performing the same task over and over again in their job, remedial massage is perfect. It is really effective for releasing tight muscles and reviving tired backs, necks, shoulders and aching joints.

Sports massage is an intensive form of massage that works deep into the muscles. Sports massage is typically the type of massage regularly used by people who play sport. However like an athlete, we all have demands on our body whether it is physical trauma or stress and tension, so why would you not give your body the same high quality care?

It is widely assumed that sports & remedial massage is only for sporty people, but this I not the case. It is right for you if you want a treatment that really works deep into the muscles. It is vital for anyone regularly participating in sport or those who require pre and post event sports massage. Soothing or revitalizing the muscles for that all important preparation before a race, game or marathon, and then later rejuvenating the body helping decrease muscle soreness, draining muscles of toxins, aiding their readjustment and repair in preparation for the next training session or event.

Massage is one of the most readily used therapies and very effective treatment for a wide variety of pain and body care. People commonly seek our help with the following:

  • Muscular aches and pain
  • Sore or Stiff joints
  • Back, neck or shoulder pain
  • Poor posture and strain
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Work related injuries
  • RSI (repetitive strain injury)
  • Marathon running preparation
  • Sports Injuries
  • Adhesive capsulitis (Frozen shoulder)
  • Arthritic conditions
  • Hip and knee complaints
  • Tendonitis or tenosynovitis
  • Sports training maintenance: Cycling, Triathlon, running and more…

At your first appointment a short consultation will take place to take your case history. We will discuss your present state of health and if any, related medical history. Your consultation will take into account the influences of life, general health and well-being and the stresses and strains on your body.

massage when performed effectively has a direct effect on the circulatory system. The rhythmic strokes of a massage cause pressure to drive the blood through the small vessels of the body and release built up toxins. Fresh blood then flushes through the massaged areas bringing oxygen to the muscular tissues and improves nutrition of the tissues and immune function.

Muscles and their fascia are worked and stretched, helping improve their structure and function. The end result is, muscle tissue becomes suppler and capable of functioning more easily.

There is a ‘feel good’ chemical endorphin release from the positive effects on your body’s nervous system all culminating in a great sense of well-being.

If you are in pain or suffering from tension, this is variable from patient to patient and depends largely on the problem you are presenting with. Sometimes pain can be caused by straightforward short term problems that resolve very quickly in as few as one or two treatments. Others may take more time up to five or six treatments and some cases may require ongoing treatment for life. It depends on how long the patient has had the problem for and the length of time left before getting help. It is impossible to loosen years of built up tension in thirty minutes. For the best results it is advisable to continue your care until discharged and come for regular check ups to keep pain free.

For sports-specific massage, most runners, cyclists, gym goers or people who exercise regularly schedule at least a monthly up to a twice weekly sports massage to maintain the body for optimum performance. It may be that you prefer a massage treatment on a lighter training day as this allows the treatment to be focused on any specific muscular problems or specific tightness and gives suitable recovery time before the next session of exercise or sport. Alternatively you may prefer to schedule a massage after, for example a long run to help boost your recovery and maximize performance throughout the rest of your training week.

Yes, we offer evening appointments but also offer appointments on Saturday. Evening clinic and Saturday appointments have a tendency to be the most in demand, so be sure to book in advance where possible.

Just call or email us for an appointment and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.

Depending on the area of your body to be worked on we ask patients to dress appropriately. For a more effective treatment ask patients to wear lightweight, flexible underwear. However men may prefer to wear shorts and women a vest top or similar and shorts but these can be restrictive. If you wear loose, comfortable and suitably modest clothing that makes it easier for us to access the muscles to be worked on. Sometimes patients need to remove some clothing so we can get to certain muscle groups. If this is the case we leave you to change in private and you will remain discreetly covered with towels throughout your treatment. It is essential for us that you are relaxed and feel comfortable during your massage.

These are all advanced techniques used by Soft Tissue Therapists working with your soft tissues and nervous system for your benefit! We use a wide variety of massage techniques, all of which culminate in the most comprehensive approach to treatment for your specific needs.

Sports & Remedial massage can be deep, occasionally it can make you feel slightly uncomfortable, but at no point should it be brutal.

If you experience some mild discomfort, it can actually be quite satisfying as you will feel the massage is benefiting you as it loosens your tight muscles. Please bear in mind that you are always free to give us feedback, so during your treatment if you’re uncomfortable at all please let us know and we will ease off the pressure or try a different technique. Some of our patients recall experiences of having taken a massage treatment with other types of massage therapist and found it disappointing, due to the pressure used being too light and not working deep enough into the muscles. There is without doubt a great value to this type of massage but it is not the style of massage offered at our clinic. By all means it is perfectly acceptable if you want your massage pressure light, or lighter, do let us know – It is our job to provide a massage you would like, carefully balanced with advice from us on the type of massage that we believe suitable.

It is not abnormal to experience some soreness for 24 – 48 hours after a sports massage. This is common and is a sign that positive work was carried out and the body is starting to heal. We offer post massage advice consisting of drinking plenty of water, painful areas may benefit from the application of an ice pack for 10-15 minutes every 2 hours or once the skin has returned to normal temperature. Please make sure the skin is protected by covering the ice pack with a thin towel. Alternatively for stiff, uninflamed areas, you may prefer to try applying warmth to the area with a warm ‘hot’ water bottle or a hot bath (take care not to have it so hot that it scalds your skin!). Then you should follow up with some mild stretching, for this we can offer advice on the best stretches for you.

As part of our sports and remedial massage, if required we offer advice on remedial exercise, ongoing support to help you get back to feeling your best. We encourage all of our patients to contact us after treatment with any questions or queries you may have. We are also glad to offer advice or information that we may be able to help you with regard to referral to other therapies.

Chart Clinic offers Osteopathy in Reigate and is located very close to the centre of town, just a short walk away. People do travel from further afield within Surrey and its bordering counties; here is a list of all the places we commonly receive patients from:

  • RH2 Reigate, Dovers Green, Woodhatch, Sidlowbridge, South park
  • RH1 Redhill, Merstham, Nutfield, Bletchingley, Outwood, Salfords, South Nutfield
  • RH3 Betworth, Brockham, Buckland
  • RH4 Dorking, Westcott RH5 Capel, Beare Green, Forest Green, Newdigate, Ockley, Sutton
  • RH6 Charlwood, Hookwood, Horley, Smallfield
  • RH7 Blindley Heath, Crowhurst, Lingfield, Newchapel
  • RH8 Hurst Green, Limpsfield, Oxted, Tandridge
  • RH9 Godstone, South Godstone
  • RH10 Copthorne, Crawley Down, Three Bridges
  • RH12 Horsham, Faygate, Rusham
  • RH19 East Grinstead, Felbridge
  • CR2 Croydon, South Croydon, Selsdon
  • CR3 Caterham, Chaldon, Whyteleafe, Woldingham
  • CR5 Chipstead, Coulsdon, Hooley
  • CR6 Warlingham
  • CR8 Purley
  • GU1 Guildford, Burpham, Merrow
  • GU6 Cranleigh, Ewhurst
  • GU7 Godalming
  • GU9 Farnham
  • KT10 Claygate, Esher, Long Ditton
  • KT11 Cobham
  • KT12 Walton-on-thames
  • KT13 Weybridge
  • KT17 Epsom, Ewell
  • KT18 Headley
  • KT20 Burgh Heath, Tadworth, Kingswood, Walton on the hill
  • KT21 Ashtead
  • KT22 Leatherhead, Oxted
  • SM7 Banstead
  • TN16 Biggin Hill, Westerham

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