I have suffered from neck/ shoulder pain for many years after a career as a golf pro. During this time, I have tried NHS physio, private physio and numerous osteopaths. Some of these were helpful but only provided short term pain relief. I had resigned myself to having to live with neck pain.

Since starting treatments with Jon I feel that I am on top of the problem. He prescribed various strengthening exercises in a structured way (something other practitioners hadn't done) which alongside his treatments seem to be resolving a long term problem. I now feel my neck is "normal" and I am able to manage the condition myself. Thank you Jon.

S, A female Run Reigate Half Marathon Runner, treated by James Clapham 2014

I can highly recommend James Clapham at Chart Clinic. Within minutes he had diagnosed the problem with my knee and recommended a solution which involved Kinesio tape. He was so generous with his time and expertise. I would never have completed Run Reigate in the great time I achieved, without his help getting me to the start line.

S, A female Run Reigate Half Marathon Runner, treated by James Clapham 2014

In May 2013, I embarked on a fitness regime in order to lose weight. After a couple of months, my personal trainer suggested that I should have regular sports massages. I often felt sore and aching between training sessions. My trainer highly recommended Jon Wilkinson at the Chart Clinic in Reigate.

I made my first appointment to see Jon in August 2013. I was apprehensive as I had never had a sports massage before and wasn’t sure if it would really help me. However Jon soon put me at ease, and after filling in a questionnaire and discussing my needs, Jon proceeded to give me the most amazing, intense, wonderful massage I had ever had. Afterwards I felt like I was walking on air, my legs felt so different – all the tightness had disappeared.

I now see Jon regularly – twice a month if possible. His friendliness, professionalism and most wonderful sports massages make my visits to the clinic an absolute pleasure – and has helped me get more out of my training sessions. Thank you Jon!

A Massage with an Osteopath, 2013

At 39 weeks pregnant following a cough I developed pain in my ribs which led to the muscles in my back going into spasm. Initially I saw a physiotherapist who treated me with soft tissue massage, and although I initially felt a degree of relief within 24 hours I had returned to my original state.

After giving birth and being given strong pain killers to relieve my back spasm I felt a huge improvement in my condition however I continued to have pain in my ribs and the constant threat of once again my muscles going into spasm, this is when I was recommended to see James for the first time.

I saw James for a consultation, he reviewed my history and after an assessment he was able to quickly pinpoint my problem.

James went onto mobilise and free up the joints in my back and the ribs that had caused the pain. Some deep tissue massage also helped the affected area.

The next day I felt huge relief; there was a real noticeable benefit from James’ therapy. I was able to carry out a full range of movements without pain or discomforts.

With a new baby and toddler at home it was such a relief to be able to relax and get on with life without pain or the threat of my back ‘going’ again.

I would most definitely recommend Osteopathy to others!

Julie Milbery

I have been playing hockey for over 20 years now and 10 years ago while playing I knocked my spine out of position causing my hip to become unstable, causing pain in my lower back area. Due to this I was unable to play and do sports for a long time. With the pain I saw various people. All the doctor prescribed me was pain killers and rest, which did nothing. It wasn’t until a friend who came to the gym said I should visit an Osteopath.

This was when I met James, the first initial meeting I had, we went through my history, where the pain was, what could have been the cause and how long I had suffered with my condition. We then assessed my postural movements to check my range of motion, with this treatment began on the day. After my first session I was able to move freely and stand without pain, which was fantastic. By the third session I was fully able to move and run and exercise without pain and went back to playing field hockey again.

Over the years I continue to see James when I feel my back and hips are not right and his excellent treatments work wonders, I know I will be back to my best in no time.

I highly recommend James to anyone I see as his expert knowledge and experience in his field of work are excellent, thanks to James’ work I am mobile again so thank you James!

Mr Shaun Pull, Gym Manager, Redhill.

In January 2011 I started to feel occasional discomfort in my heels when I lay down on the bed. This increased in frequency until mid March when I felt severe discomfort in my left heel and arch walking half way round a golf game.

The discomfort increased during the following two weeks following which I did a long two day walk and by the end I was limping continuously with severe discomfort. I kept going for the next two weeks thinking it was an age related condition and would go away sooner or later.

I first went to James mid April who diagnosed severe Plantar Fasciitis and treated me with massage, manipulation, ultrasound and occasional acupuncture several times for a month showing gradual improvement and less often for two months and now once a month for maintenance and check as there is as expected continual mild sensation of the condition.

James was at all times thoughtful, considerate, gentle, patient and efficient in his professional application.

Name supplied, August 2011.

As a first time marathon runner it didn’t take long for my body to let me know that it didn’t enjoy running over 10 miles. As the training increased so did the pain, predominantly knees, ankles, back and shoulder.

As a first time customer who was tempted in by the marketing collateral, I had high expectations. From the first conversation with James it was clear that he really knew his subject matter and genuinely wanted to help with my specific needs, in fact we had many conversations before I actually committed to treatment. During that time I felt that not only did James understand exactly what I needed but he shared my enthusiasm for my marathon goals.

The service and results were outstanding; I had a full bespoke treatment plan which was flexible to meet my busy lifestyle, and focussed on the specific needs of the moment. Quite frankly it was like James was part of my mini marathon team and I don’t believe I would have achieved the goals I had set if it wasn’t for James.

There were times when I would turn up after a 20 mile run at deaths door feeling like I had inherited a 90 year olds body only to leave my session ready and raring to go again.

There is a massive premium in today’s world on someone who takes the time interesting making you feel like you are the only customer of the week. James is not only outstanding in his field but is extremely personable too and I would highly recommend his services to everyone, in fact I have and he has already new customers who keep going back.

Paul Mitchell

I went to James the Osteopath for treatment when I was 6-7 months pregnant with my first baby. I was suffering with rib pain that was radiating through my upper back. This was causing a lot of discomfort when sleeping, getting out of bed and sitting in certain positions.

James had previously treated me prior to pregnancy for pain relating to my hips and found him a great help, so I thought I would see if there was anything he could do to ease my discomfort.

On my first visit to James he took a full account of my current problems and any previous history. I found him to be very professional and soon made me feel at ease whilst being treated. Being heavily pregnant I was a little nervous and feeling a bit vulnerable, so this was very important to me.

I was treated in a comfortable upright position that was good for both my bump and me. James made a full body assessment first, and then focused on the specific area with lots of stretching and soft tissue work.

I am pleased to say that within 48 hours of having my first treatment my discomfort had completely gone. I continued to see James on a couple more occasions for maintenance treatment, which helped keep this problem at bay, which was great especially as I progressed further in my pregnancy getting bigger. I also attend once 6 weeks following the birth of my daughter. This was a great help in realigning my body and easing the aches and pains following childbirth and breastfeeding.

I was very pleased with my treatments by James the Osteopath and would definitely use his services again if needed. I have also gone on to recommend James to friends and family with great positive feedback from all!

I was in pain from my ribs & hips from a curved spine. This caused discomfort by the end of my working day as my job involves standing up for long periods.

I could hardly walk when I went to see James & once I had sat down I had great difficulty getting up.

I had expected some relief, but in reality I had so much more. I walked home after my first treatment minus all the pain & discomfort I went in with.

I am very satisfied. I was given a few simple stretches to do each day, especially after work & they really help.

I would recommend for anyone to try Osteopathy. James listens to your problems and works on them in a calm and professional manner.

Beverly Connolly

I was desperate, pain bad at certain times so I knew I needed to do something about it.

I wanted some relief from pain but also reassurance that pain and vertigo at times was nothing sinister and could be helped, my GP had no idea when I asked him.

I was very satisfied with my treatment, James completely explained everything. My pain was far less and I also understand what caused it and how to now prevent my pain getting any worse. I had x-rays taken at the hospital and they proved James to be absolutely correct!

I’d advise anyone who is putting up with pain for sometime or whose pain has got worse to go to Chart Clinic. You will get help to find out what is causing the problem and receive the appropriate treatment.

Mrs H Bennett

I was in severe pain through my shoulders and neck (especially on my right side) with pain going into the base of my skull and up over my head, causing severe headaches. My entire upper body felt very immobile and the less I moved because of the pain, the worse it became. Moving my head from right to left was virtually impossible without pain, which caused problems when driving. Psychologically, I felt very depressed and low.

I am attending Physiotherapy for my neck and head pain at my local hospital which unfortunately hasn’t seemed to help me very much. I have been to an Osteopath before and knew what to expect – immediate relief, which is exactly what I received from James at Chart Clinic.

I have had three sessions and I am extremely satisfied with the results obtained from attending Chart Clinic. On a scale from1 (1 being out of pain) to 10, I would say I am very nearly a 1 from being a 10 on my first visit. I feel completely mobile again, which I haven’t felt for a long time. I can move my head from side to side and up and down with almost no pain at all. The pains in my shoulders have all but gone and I feel much more flexible. My arms don’t feel like dead weights and the deep massage has loosened up my shoulder and neck muscles.

I have had a great reduction in pain and a huge improvement in movement all thanks to James.

James adopts a professional and caring approach to identifying the problems causing my shoulder and neck pain. He always explains what he is doing and why, and when he is going to do any manipulation, he makes sure I am comfortable and explains the procedure, which is very reassuring. Thanks to James, after only three sessions, I am almost pain-free and much more mobile thank I have been for a long time I would highly recommend Chart Clinic and I only wish I had gone to see James sooner.

Mrs T Cope

I was struggling with a recurrent hip problem.

I wanted relief from a nagging pain, often causing loss of sleep.

James has helped with this and I continue to see him for “maintenance” as this is a long term problem.

I have been very satisfied with James’ treatment he is professional, approachable, listens and is effective.


I had a pain in my upper back that was increased while exercising.

Having been to an Osteopath already I knew what to expect and was not disappointed.

I am very pleased with the service and there was an improvement from the first consultation.

With all the daily stresses we put on our backs, I would strongly recommend visiting and Osteopath at least once a year and I would recommend the Chart Clinic for this.


I work in a theatre box office and using a keyboard and mouse all day long for the ticket bookings, I started to notice a pain in my right wrist, this got worse and eventually turned into pins and needles and a numb feeling in my hand. This scared me a lot, but a friend recommended I go and see James.

I was booked in quickly and James assessed my problem with a friendly and professional manor. Afterwards he was able to tell me that I had suffered with a repetitive strain injury. He explained I was suffering with something called carpal tunnel syndrome and afterwards I felt a lot more at ease.

After some hard work and a few weeks treatment I started to feel better. James also gave me exercises for my wrist and advice on how to make my work desk better, all of which helped me a great deal.

James has since helped me with some occasional back pain.

I would recommend that people shouldn’t put up with pain and go to see James now. I find that a few visits a year to the osteopath keep me feeling a lot more mobile and out of pain!

Mrs P Jean

I was in a lot of pain.

I hoped the treatment would help me feel better but was surprised at how incredibly much it has helped me!

How satisfied am I with the results of my Osteopathy treatment? On a scale of 0-10, a clear 10!

I would absolutely recommend Osteopathy treatment for anyone with aches and pains and especially Chart Clinic.

Jennie Stendahl

I found it a problem to bend my back and lift anything. James was very good at pinpointing the problem and the pain.

I was very satisfied with the results of my treatment. James is very good at understanding your problem. Keep up the good work!

Philip Green

I have suffered with recurring back pain, discomfort and muscle spasms from deteriorating discs and scoliosis.

James gives me effective relief and maintenance, I am very satisfied.


Due to a sports injury, I had suffered with an intermittent knee problem for many years. Finally, when almost unable to walk, my daughter who is also one of James’ patients, advised me to go and see if he could help. Rather sceptical but in desperation I went for my first appointment.

It seemed to me that almost from the beginning James was able to diagnose my complaint, a condition commonly known as ‘housemaids knee’; despite such a humorous name, it is very painful. I had limped round to the surgery but for the first time in many weeks, I walked home. After listening to my history, James had manipulated my leg and gave me some exercises to do, which I do faithfully every night.

Seeing James and taking his advice has allowed me to return to walking my dogs, swimming and running. I no longer have to hobble down the corridor to my classroom and can stand rather than sit when I am teaching, which is a lot better for discipline!

I would like to thank James and I would thoroughly recommend his services.

Jane Strattan

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