Ultrasound is a form of treatment that comes under the division of electrotherapy treatments. Its usage and applications are almost identical to those of laser therapy and pulsed short wave therapy.

We use ultrasound clinically as an adjunct treatment to help with the healing and repair of dense collagen based tissues such as the following:

  •  Tendon
  •  Ligament
  •  Fascia
  •  Joint capsule
  •  Scar tissue

When administering ultrasound, the head of the ultrasound unit is coupled with a water based gel to help transmit the waves of ultrasound to the tissues being treated, this is then moved deliberately over the skin of the desired part or injured tissue.

Ultrasound should be a painless treatment but can sometimes be used as a diagnostic tool to detect bone fractures, in which case pain is usually elicited and the patient referred to a GP or hospital for further investigations.

At Chart Clinic we do not use ultrasound in isolation but as a useful addition to our treatments. This is included within our standard fee at no additional charge.

Please check with the clinic when booking an appointment to see which practitioners are currently offering ultrasound treatment.

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